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Developed as a gilding technique in 18th century France, gold vermeil is a thick electro-plating of high karat gold over a sterling silver base. Amongst traditional jeweler's metals, gold vermeil is second only to solid gold. We first make our gold vermeil pieces in solid sterling silver before having it plated with 100 mils of 23.5 karat gold. Our vermeil pieces are color-matched to the buttery tone of 14k. 

Gold fill, or gold-filled, is jeweler's brass heat and pressure bonded with 5% thickness-by-weight of 14k gold. The 14 karat finish has a lighter moon-lit tone which pairs well with any mixed metal. With a lifespan of years under proper care, gold fill's shine will last far beyond that of a thin gold plating; however, remember that this is not a solid metal, and the brass underneath will be exposed once the gold wears away.