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OLO Fragrance
OLO Fragrance
OLO Fragrance
OLO Fragrance
OLO Fragrance

OLO Fragrance

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Founded in 2009 by self-taught perfumer Heather Sielaff, each fragrance continues to be blended and bottled to order. OLO fragrance blends are inspired by the sweet moments in life that remind us of all the world has to offer: the elation of experiencing nature, the contentment of reading a good book, a long talk with a close friend.

These fragrances contain fractionated coconut oil, essential oils, key accords, and absolutes. OLO uses a higher percentage of natural ingredients compared to larger brands; synthetics are used sparingly.



Green Leaves ∙ Birch ∙ Fir ∙ White Musk
Surrender to sleep and dream of wandering tree lined paths. Every turn reveals disparate shades of green, sunlight filtering through rain soaked leaves.

Dark Wave

Cardamom ∙ Indonesian Vetiver  Wood
Dark Wave was originally created for a fall event kicking off the dreary rains set to inundate Portland for nine months. The scent is meant to envelop you, to protect you from the downpour.


Tobacco ∙ Whiskey  Wood
Imagine old man Erastus taking a walk through the coastal range. He gets to a cliff overlooking the ocean, takes out the small cedar box holding his tobacco, and rolls up a smoke. 


Cedar ∙ Juniper  Pine ∙ Vetiver
Forêt represents all the forests I have ever taken a walk through. 



Pine Resin ∙ Salt Water  Moss
An elevating mist blowing off the ocean combined with wet moss and wood from the trees along the Northwest coast. 


9ml Glass Rollerball
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