Red Jasper Ronan
Red Jasper Ronan

Red Jasper Ronan

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Smooth slices of red jasper suspended from handmade 14k gold fill chain and a door knocker style post. We cut, shaped and drilled red jasper into well-matched pairs for our Ronan Earrings. 

Red jasper forges a strong connection to the earth and can help ground the wearer. 

Earrings are 2.5" long and 1" wide

Using natural stones ensures that each pair of Ronan Earrings is one of a kind. This also means that they are each unique in their color, shape, chips and inclusions. We love using unrefined gemstones because they are closest to their natural state. In matching a pair, we are conscious to maintain visual continuity in form and size.

Earrings should be stored in a soft, safe place when not being worn.