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A rich cobalt blue Lapis Lazuli stone, cut in a barrel shape, wrapped in hammered gold wire & suspended from a delicate gold fill curb chai in front of a  beige background
Isobel ∙ Lapis Lazuli

Isobel ∙ Lapis Lazuli

The Isobel necklace features a unique stone encompassed by hammered 14k gold fill wire. The pendant hangs from a delicate 1mm 14k gold fill curb chain. At 24" in length, Isobel is perfect for layering over dresses and other necklaces while retaining a gentle grace in its small size. 

Each Isobel pendant will vary due to the size and shape of stone used, and is completely one-of-a-kind.

This Isobel pendant is a smooth barrel-cut Lapis Lazuli, with a rich blue color and minimal inclusions.

Humans have associated Lapis Lazuli with strength and truth since the earliest of times; Sumerians believed the stone held the spirit of their gods, while the ancient Egyptians saw the night sky captured in its color. As a stone of the Third Eye chakra, Lapis Lazuli carries a deep calming energy and strengthens the connection to cosmic wisdom.