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Chain defect: If a chain breaks within one month of purchase, we will fully replace it free of charge.
REPAIR REQUEST (title page)
Chain Repair: We will repair chains with a single broken link or clasp for a flat fee of $10. Upon receipt of the broken chain, we will evaluate the break to ensure whether it is eligible for a simple repair; if a full replacement is necessary, we will extend that option to you.
Chain Replacement: All chains will experience wear over time, especially those with a heavyy pendant or with less than optimal care conditions (we get it!). In these cases, a simple repair will be insufficient. You can exchange your exhausted Rackk & Ruin chain for a replacement for a flat rate of $45.
Stone Setting: If a stone falls out and you still have the stone, we will replace it free of charge.
Stone Replacement: If a stone falls out and is lost, we will replace it at the cost of a new stone ($7).
Earring Post: The solder joint between an earring and its post can weaken with manual adjustments and other stressors. If your earring post detaches, we will repair it free of charge.

Repair Request

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We want you to enjoy your Rackk & Ruin pieces for as long as possible, and are happy to help extend the life of your jewelry. To begin the repair process, please review and select the appropriate repair and follow the usual checkout procedure.  

Please drop off your pieces during open studio hours, or mail them to us at 270 Pine St, Suite 3, Burlington VT 05401. In your shipment, please include any pendants for chain repairs as well as your repair order number. Please only ship your jewelry in secure boxes or padded mailers; extra care should be taken packaging chains to avoid tangling. Include any other repair notes in your checkout notes!

We will send a receipt confirmation when we receive your return.

If you have a repair inquiry that falls outside of these options or have any other questions, email us at