Pisces Charm
Pisces Charm

Pisces Charm

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A fish reposes near the surface of a calm water, its scales reflecting endless grades of light, tessellating iridescence. This detailed fish charm returns the wearer to the ocean, honoring the relationship between land and sea through an aquatic portrait in earth's precious metals and stones.

This fish is unique in its aversion to water. Please remove your Pisces before getting in the shower or taking a dip to protect the stone's setting.

Sterling silver or gold vermeil fish with precious stone eye

Charm is 1" in length

Rubies speak to our inner softness and physical sensibility. Burgeoning with sanguine and rosy color, these stones are charged with vitality and emotional potency. As one of the cardinal gemstones, they are salient, dynamic and saturated in living energy. 

Diamonds, rooted in the Greek ἀδάμας (unalterable, untamable) are well known for their incomparable strength and capacity to scatter and intensify light. They bestow their extraordinary resilience and power on their wearer, and epitomize the pursuit of perfection.

Peridot, a type of olivine, was originally and exclusively mined on Topazios Island in the Red Sea beginning in 300 BCE. The Egyptians referred to it as the gem of the sun, and it was believed to possess protective powers when combined with gold in a talisman. Our petite peridot gems have the soft green hue of an olive leaf's underside, complimenting the rich gold.

Citrine is energizing and freeing to its wearer. Its syrupy honey tone melts into complimenting gold and aptly captures the tones of a sun sinking below the horizon line. 

We use ethically sourced gemstones from Stuller for our Pisces Charm


Glass fragments of bowl decorated with mosaic fish, Roman 1st-3rd c. AD - The Metropolitan Museum Collection