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270 Pine Street

second floor

Burlington, Vermont 

Perched on the second floor of a historic Vermont building, our working studio and shop collects light throughout the day and late afternoon, casting a glow on the ever-growing collection of handmade jewelry. Often you will find Molly at her bench working on one of the many hand-wrought styles, ready to answer questions about the rich history she drew upon to create each. In addition to our  abundant collection of jewelry, our shop offers curated vintage apparel which we select based on the material quality, construction and timeless appeal. Rackk & Ruin’s studio is a place where one can find new reverence for vintage materials and discover contemporary and unprecedented styles. We seek to create a space that is familiar and warm while offering our patrons new notions of sustainable style.

The open studio and shop allows for a transparent view of our crafting practices and invites dialogue on the origins of Rackk & Ruin designs. We offer jewelry imbued with care and history, which is sure to stay with the wearer for many years. 


Fall / Winter Hours: 

Wednesdays, Thursdays & Fridays 11-6pm
Saturdays 10-5pm

Stop on by! We are operating under full safety precautions and protocols for your health and ours.

 270 Pine St. • Suite 3 (second floor) • Burlington, VT • 05401

Looking out toward Lake Champlain, we are on the south side of The Soda Plant on the second floor of the olive colored building. Enter through the front or back door of Thirty Odd and head up the stairs.