270 Pine Street, Burlington Vermont

Our combination showroom & working studio is perched on the second floor of a historic Vermont building, nestled in Burlington's growing arts district. Often you will find Molly at her bench working on one of the many hand-wrought styles, ready to answer questions about inspiration and process behind each.

In addition to our ever-growing collection of jewelry, our shop offers curated vintage apparel which we select based on the material quality, construction and timeless appeal. Rackk & Ruin’s studio is a place where one can find new reverence for vintage materials and discover contemporary and unprecedented styles.

We seek to create a space that is familiar and warm while offering our patrons new notions of sustainable style. The open studio and shop allows for a transparent view of our crafting practices and invites dialogue on the origins of Rackk & Ruin designs. We offer jewelry imbued with care and history, which is sure to stay with the wearer for many years.

We can't wait to see you!