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Our Story

I began making jewelry in 2009 to satisfy a fundamental desire to use my hands and create jewelry that I myself wanted to wear. From the start, my practice has been self-taught and focused on a reverence for historical forms, inspiration from nature & found objects and metal reclamation.
Encouraged by the enthusiasm and support of an early following, I opened the doors of my studio in 2012 to create a shoppable working space, with a shop/studio expansion in the winter of 2020. While my collection of pieces is ever-evolving, the singular through line in my work is intentionality.  

To be intentional in the creation of every piece while ensuring sustainable supply chains, a happy, inspiring work environment for myself and small team, and transparent crafting processes in my open studio. The connections we have with our local and international customers and retailers have made this creative endeavor what it is.
Thank you!
Molly Conant