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Mini Stone Scarab Charms

Mini Stone Scarab Charms

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Six adorable stone scarab minis. We updated these vintage charms to include a chunky new bail for longevity and style.

The scarab beetle, traditionally representing transformation and resurrection, immortalized as a carved stone cabochon. The stone rests in a solid 14k gold setting. The stone scarab pendant was originally part of a vintage bracelet, which we have edited into a series of pendant necklaces, in keeping with the scarab's nature of renewal.

Six stone options available, one of each.


Available in 14k Yellow Gold. Vintage stone scarabs.

The metals we use are recycled.


W 6.5mm x H 8.5mm (not including bail)


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Ancient Egyptians revered the scarab beetle for its seemingly magical strength and mysterious life cycle. Khepri, an Egyptian god of the early morning with the head of a scarab, was believed to push the sun into the sky at the dawn of each day and down to the underworld at dusk, a myth likely inspired by observing scarab beetles pushing balls of dung across the sand.

Right: Funerial Heart Scarab of Hatnefer, serpentinite and gold. Upper Egypt ca. 1492–1473 B.C. The Met Collection.

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