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Felix Earrings

Felix Earrings

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Pieces of antique red branch coral, with their natural lacquered shine, are wrapped in one piece of gold fill wire.

Named for the Latin felix, meaning "happy" or "lucky;" your new lucky charm.


Antique coral and 14k gold fill.

We love using unrefined organic materials, like antique coral, because they are closest to their natural state. This also means that each pair will be unique in their colors and shape. In matching a pair, we are conscious to maintain a visual continuity in form and size.


Coral pieces range in size from 0.5" in length to 1".


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Coral has been used in jewelry for at least 25,000 years. In Greek mythology, red coral was the petrified blood of Medusa that spread into the sea upon her death by Perseus. It was used as a protection stone in Ancient Rome against the evil eye, particularly for children, and continues to be used today as a charm of luck. All of our coral is repurposed from vintage jewelry.

Detail: Monna Vanna, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, 1866

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