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Figaro Chain Bracelet
Figaro Chain Bracelet

Figaro Chain Bracelet

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The same 14k gold fill chain as the Figaro necklace, now in bracelet form.

Inherited from the Italian jeweler tradition, Figaro chains are possess a singular sculptural quality amongst classic styles. The truth is lost to time, but it is popular belief that the name comes from Mozart's 1786 opera The Tale of Figaro. Both in name and in presence this chain embodies the embellished and theatrical nature of Baroque Opera, balanced with the delicacy of an everyday piece.

Made in 14k gold fill. 6.5" in length and 2.4mm wide.

Custom lengths available upon request.


Title page of the libretto of Mozart's opera "Le Nozze de Figaro," or The Marriage of Figaro
Prague, 1786