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Herringbone Chain Necklace

Herringbone Chain Necklace

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The herringbone chain style is an intricate tapestry of links, laid parallel to each other. It is a classic chain style tracing its origins to Ancient Egypt, and is named for its resemblance to the many slanted bones of the herring fish. The chain lies flat against the skin, gracefully contouring the wearer's neck. 

The herringbone structure originates from a bricklaying legacy of Ancient Rome and medieval times known as opus spicatum. The pattern was often used in architecture and walkways, as the interlocking pieces distribute weight exceptionally well. 




Sterling: 2.7mm
Gold fill: 2.4mm
14k Gold: 2.46mm


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Please note that Herringbone chains are not meant to bend sharply. Kinks are not repairable. Because of this, it is generally not recommended to wear charms on a Herringbone chain.

With that being said, Molly has worn a lightweight charm on her gold fill Herringbone with success. ;) We do not recommend doing this with the sterling or solid gold version, as these have finer links.

Always store your Herringbone chain gently coiled in the padded box it came in. Do not sleep in your Herringbone chain.

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1867 photograph of an opus spicatum wall in the Church of Santa Pudentiana, Rome.
British & American Archaeological Society of Rome.

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