Ceremonies show our distinctly human desire to bear witness to and celebrate what we hold most sacred. For whatever you are celebrating, in whatever ritual form it takes, we are here to provide timeless gold rings to gild your ceremony.

View some of our past ceremonial rings in the gallery below and on Instagram.

All of these rings are made to order. We can’t wait to work with you! 


Have a vision? We can guide you through choosing a setting, refining the design, and stone selection. Our team of industry veterans will take your ring from design to casting, and stone setting to finishing work.

We are thoughtful in our designs and meticulous when crafting: the resulting ring is built to withstand your daily life and beyond.

Our books are open for 2024 engagement ring projects!

  • Classic Gold Bands

    The perfect combination of measurements and curves gleaned from our years of experience making custom bands. Weighty, timeless, and gets better with age.

  • A unique dimensionality is achieved when rings are carved by hand in wax. This ancient jewelry tradition allows a wide range of customization.

  • Gemini Ring

    Comprised of two twin half-round profiles; forever joined, identical yet distinct individuals.

  • Alloys have subtle differences that express nuanced personal taste. Pictured here: 14k green gold (top) and 18k yellow gold (bottom).

  • Oval Band

    One of the most popular styles for its comfort; the oval profile creates a subtle curve on both inside and outside of the ring.

  • Ames Ring

    A lightweight cigar band, pictured here with Satin and Polished finishes. This can be made with thicker material for long-lived durability.

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Ceremony Policies

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Our Materials

For ceremonial rings, we only work in gold alloys 14 karat or higher. The metals we use are 100% recycled.

Our stones are always responsibly sourced and certified, or recycled.

Production Time

Most wedding bands take 4-6 weeks to create, usually with extra time needed to decide on your styles. Engagement rings take a little longer.

The production time begins when you make a deposit payment, which is applied towards your final order total. Minimum deposits are $250 for wedding bands and $500 for engagement rings.

Rush projects

Sometimes, life happens fast.

For $200, we can rush your wedding band project for a production time of as little as three weeks.


Resizing is free within the first 3 months. Thereafter, resizing costs start at $40.


Ceremonial bands are custom projects and are final sale.